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My name is Kirsi Roos and I am a personal trainer working in Liikku fitness center Hämeenlinna.

Wellbeing is the small decisions in your everyday life that lead to a better mental and physical performance. For this you don’t necessarily need a lot of equipment, money or superfoods.

My goal is to help other people – hopefully you – towards a better and vital life. When exercise, nutrition and recovery are in balance, it’s easier to stay focused and energetic in everyday life.


  • Personal training is needed, when it feels too hard to reach your goals on your own
  • The coaching can be exercises together, mental coaching or advice for healthier lifestyle choices. It all depends on your goals | 64€ / 60min | 48€ / 45min
  • Coaching through Skype or Google meet is possible as well


  • Setting up goals together, measurements and/or fitness tests in the beginning and in the end
  • Coaching 1-on-1 once a week
  • Nutrition coaching is included as an extra coaching session (once)
  • Phone and email support throughout the coaching

209 € / month     (627€ altogether, invoice once a month)


  • Nutrition coaching that serves your goals
  • Nutrition coaching is always personal and considers your body type and life situation
  • For example if you want to lose weight, have more energy or support your sports, this is for you
  • Change takes time and the best results come after 2-5 meetings (á 64€)
  • If you feel like you need only a list of foods on what to eat and when to eat, the price is á 109 €


  • A personal fitness program for you to the gym, home or outdoors á 34€ (incl. the use of Trainero app)
  • A 1-6 months fitness plan towards your goals á 59€

You can contact me via phone or email:

Kirsi Roos

044 7333 833